Try dropping these bad boys after an awks interview… Studio-mate Mickey of Actualidea (and claire’s bf ) surprised us with these amazing BLOW UP! party balloons = funnest biz card / leave behind,  in the world!!!  He had these custom made from Extra Twist . Make your own for parties, fun, personal promo etc!

Umm ok so it srsly took me about 15-20 mins to decide if I wanted this calendar in mint or peach. I practically had to blind fold and let my mouse do the pick’n. Cute, gentle fluff gets us every time. I love how sweet the kitten’s faces are. You can get your very now on sale here, from FeildGuided.

image via (fieldguided)


I am so excited about this most recent and impulsive purchase from the stationary store across the street. These pens are really channeling my Lisa Frank days. If only I could find a puppy trapper keeper to match!

Check out this video collaboration I did with Michelle Reneau. We were inspired by Louis Vuitton’s spring 2012 collection and magical runway presentation.

I absolutely LOVED Spanish architect Antoni Guadi’s Sagrada Familia while visiting Spain. What I loved most, was all his tiny surprises in details. This here is probably favorite tiny detail I found in a bunch of his hand lettering-  a mold of a person’s teeth integrated into the text that covered the entrance doors. So weird and cool!

Legendary child, chef and dear friend, Nick Pandolfi; is known for his passion for food, wine, and living the good life. This year we have invited Nick to share some of his special crowd pleasing tricks and nibblets in the kitchen. Each month, we will feature one of his treats with emphasis of how quick and easy they are to whip up and serve. With these cute recipes, you will be out of the kitchen and dancing in The Nick of Time ;) click on more for instructions.

Just found these AWESOME postcards while unpacking my suitcase from Barcelona. They are by far my favorite souvenir purchased while on the trip. I thought the little hand sewn dress’s where so sweet and gave the post card so much delicate character. 

This weekend we took a day off from the studio to find inspiration elsewhere and enjoy what all New York has to offer. The Guggenheim museum was having a free day, so we jumped in line to see the Maurizio Cattelan exhibit. Maurizio is known for his sense of humor in not only his exhibits but in person through various public pranks. He has an interesting and startling way of working with extreme realism in wax figures and full scale taxidermy. The exhibit was amazing because it was a retrospective of all his most famous, memorable, big or small works of art through his life together in one piece. We were amazed by what little discoveries we would find just in the change of perspective. While you spiraled through the space, it was like the exhibit itself was unraveling with continuous details and surprises at every angle. I would love to go back just to catch all the things I didn’t see the first time, but better hurry. The exhibition closes this month – Jan 22nd!


Some day we dream of visiting the caves of giant crystals inside the Naica Mine under Chihuahua, Mexico. Could you imagine shooting here! Unfortunately there is a hot spring located close to the Crystal Caves which mean the temperature is too hot for people to stay much longer then 10 min at a time, snap. In the meantime we love looking at these stoic sweaty minors exploring these massive gypsum beams.


How fun are these little creatures! You can find them at the good machinery an Italian based etsy shop .