Don’t you just wish you could own more pets? Landlord, roommates, parents, BF allergies, got you on lock down? Well now you can make up for it! These cuddle velvet pillows are sure to greet you with a smile every time :) No food or water necessary. Read the steps below on how to make a litter of your own!

Click below for steps and materials!


We blew up the set design for the Perry Ellis Spring 2013 Look Book :)


It’s been awhile since our trip to Thailand and  we are really missing it! We went through hundreds of pictures and widdled them down to some of our favorite memories to share. Our absolute favorite experience while in Thailand was sleeping on Maya Beach of the secluded Island Lay Phi Phi Don. You may recognize it from the movie The Beach! The two of us ventured out with a small group to the island where we explored the sea life, sang songs around a camp fire, met other fellow travelers and slept in sleeping bags under the stars. We highly recommend this experience for anyone traveling to the islands of Thailand! Don’t miss it!!

When we weren’t traveling the southern islands, we were thrifting at flea markets. The Chatauchak Market in Bangkok is one of the largest weekend flea markets in the world. You can find everything there from faux LV bags, textiles, dishware and miniature pet bunnies! We wanted to take one home so bad…

We visited many temples but  The Grand Palace took our breath away. We were really inspired by all the textures and variety of materials in all the mosaics.

Merry Christmas to our readers! We made this wrapping paper especially for you :)

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Check out this video Michelle Reneau and I made for Coach’s Holiday 2012 Collection. Find out more about it here on Pinterest.

We can’t help but notice the trend in fox cuteness. They are so magical and mysterious! And Claire’s spirit animal!


Gold rims got our hearts spinning! We just made these babies for our home and studio. They are easy to create and make a perfect last minute gift!! Click on more to follow our steps!


This week we wanted to share some of our favorite memories from our trip to Laos during our month long journey traveling South East Asia. Laos is by far one of the most special places we have ever visited. We absolutely loved the city of Laung Prabang and often talk about how we could easily see ourselves living there. The city is extremely passionate and respectful towards the rituals and traditions of the Monks and the hundreds of temples. One of our favorite sitings was The Walk of Monks or Tak Bat. Hundreds of Monks of all ages walk through the town at 5:30 AM, collecting food from locals along the way to their temples of worship.

We also attended the night market many of times and hauled home handmade textiles and yummy cheap treats. During the day we rented motor bikes and road through the country side. There we swam and hiked breath taking waterfalls, followed by a martini at Icon Klub that we still crave!


We are so excited for the launch of Day Job Magazine by Elliot Walker. “Day Job is a publication for anyone who has ever had a job they’ve loved, a job they’ve hated, a life-long calling or a way to make an easy buck. In short, it’s about work, a celebration of the everyday ways in which we spend our time and energy.”

When Elliot asked us to style and shoot the story ” Lunch Break ” for the magazine, we were thrilled given it’s our favorite time of day :)  Check out the spread we did below and also please pick up a copy either online or at your neighborhood New York bookstore. You would be supporting a wonderful project and we definitely think it’s worth the read.

Have you noticed the schools of Jellyfish closing in on you? We have and we LOVE them! A couple weekends ago we were in Bushwick when we first noticed them. Now we see them popping up all over the city. We love the simplicity of the organic drips and the color pallets. On a gloomy street, they brighten your walk!