During these heat waves it’s good to know your chill zones.  One of our favorite spots outside of the city is Warren Falls in Vermont.

Between the two of us we have managed to collect a lot of little characters at our desk. Tiny Feelins will be a continuous feature of the random and cute things that these little friends may have to say or think during a long day in the studio.

I love making socks by cutting off the feet of old tights. They are thin and perfect for summer shoes!

We will always remember this friendly scaffolding across the street from our studio that made us smile.

Were huge fan’s of the artist Olek! So we were excited to wake up and find this instillation on our block.

SO. Believe or not ( if we are not similar enough already ) we are actually born within the same week of each other and are the same age. So for the past two years we have thrown joint birthday parties or as we call them BLOW UP! Birthdays!

Last year we spent the night at Winnie’s Karaoke bar singing to a lot of Ace of Base, but this year we decided to do something a little more low key and sweet. We invited some of our closest friends to celebrate with us on my lovely and griddy roof :) We made large summer blankets in bright colors for people to sit and lay on along with decorating with tons of cheery sunflowers.

We BBQ’d a bunch of exotic and weird meats ( rabbit sausage, buffalo burgers, etc ) that we scored from the China Town Meat Market. We also made a huge bin of shrimp and pineapple skewers for people to grab and throw on the grill. Good timezz



My favorite thing to do while visiting Wyoming is driving through Yellowstone. Time after time of visiting, the colors, textures, and open skies still take my breath away. These are some pictures of the many natural textures and colors of the earth with the chemistry of the sulfur hot springs. I especially love the burnt oranges mixes with the deep blue and turquoise. It looks unreal.

It’s never a bash without a pinata! Here is a quick and easy method to making your party a real hit! (no pun ;) Click on Check out more, to follow our steps!

You’ll need:

- balloon

- news paper

-  2 cups of flour

- 3 cups of water

- hot glue

- 3 packs of tissue paper


Direction: Shred an old newspaper into strips. Then, Mix 2 cups of flour and 3 cups of water for glue paste. Next, blow up a round balloon and prop it up on a stand. Now start dipping the newspaper strips in the glue paste  wrap the balloon. Make sure to leave an opening on the top to put the candy in. Repeat with another layer.  After the balloon is wrapped, let it sit to dry for approx 4-5 hours. When the newspaper is hard and dry, pop the balloon inside from the hole you left on the top. Now stuff it with goodies and paste over two coats of newspaper to close it shut.

Start cutting your tissue paper in stripes and cut little fringe on the bottom of each strip. Hot glue the strips of tissue paper until you covered the entire pinata and WHOLA ! You got a banging pinata!

Our talented friend Michele Outland has an outrageous glittered figurine collection called MIOU. Check out the magical wolf I scored from her booth at the Renegade Craft Fair this summer. Also check out her amazing collection of costume jewelry called Return to Me.

This past winter we traveled to Vietnam and were inspired by the beautiful H’mong and Dzao women of Sapa Vietnam. On the weekends crowds flock to the Sapa market where you can find the women selling handmade textiles, jewelry and souvenirs. The young women we met were real characters, always smiling as they carried colorful goodies on their back. Though they were sweet, don’t be fooled. They make their living through their street smarts and expert ability to sell you just about anything they hand-make. Before you know you it, you have bartered and purchased much more than expected ;)

We took a hike through the rice terraces where a group of H’mong women tagged along and helped lead the way through the terrain which was quiet difficult. Their hands never stopped moving, every time we stopped for a water break they pulled out their needlework. Their textile techniques include; cross stitching, weaving, indigo dyeing and batik. We love their vibrant textiles against the muddy green rice terrace landscape.