Have you seen this yet! This has to be one of the most creative accessory stories we’ve seen in a long time. Such a simple idea. Check it out in I Love You No. 6 “Mama issue.”

images via (i love you magazine)

Were obsessed with Chanel’s Spring 2012 ready-to-wear runway set!

(images via style.com & nymag)

Today we visited the PS1 Art Book Fair. The fair hosted over 200 exhibitors attracting a crowd referred to as a “Hipster Art Basel”.  We really enjoyed the ‘Sup Magazine’s colorful presentation along with the Ooga Booga‘s eclectic display were we purchased the tinniest little news paper called The Kite. It’s small enough for a mouse or a hamster ;)

While walking around we also enjoyed other details and books such as a vintage copy of Interview Magazine with Brooke Shields illustrated on the cover, and an over-sized barbie coloring book amongst other gems.

Last Friday, Mike Perry and Josh Cochoran teamed for the art show Nudes. Other than being a killer house party, it was a great way to score original illustrations by the artists for $20 bucks a pop, first come first serve! We scored these two pieces that are now hanging in our studio.

This kitten roars like a tiger. Check out this teeny tiny White Cat menthol balm we found in Chinatown today!

Burning Man was one of the most inspirational experiences we have ever had. We look forward to returning every year. Here are some of the many great works of art we enjoyed on the playa. It looked like we were on a different planet! and we were!


Skrillex is our new studio jam-sesh music. These little guys are re-enacting what THIS GUY is doing!

We love adding a little pizazz to our nails. I always paint one accent nail a slightly different color from the rest, just to add a little character. Claire keeps her toes real with poka dots.

On our wild adventurous road trip to Burning Man we made a little pit stop in Reno. Did a little gambling, drank a festive pina coloda, and toured the downtown area. We really loved the vintage charm of the wedding chapel signs and the classic retro western motels. We also couldn’t help but to pose in front of this classic white GMC Superior Limo. Gangsta!