trippin: Sapa Vietnam!

September 22nd, 2011

This past winter we traveled to Vietnam and were inspired by the beautiful H’mong and Dzao women of Sapa Vietnam. On the weekends crowds flock to the Sapa market where you can find the women selling handmade textiles, jewelry and souvenirs. The young women we met were real characters, always smiling as they carried colorful goodies on their back. Though they were sweet, don’t be fooled. They make their living through their street smarts and expert ability to sell you just about anything they hand-make. Before you know you it, you have bartered and purchased much more than expected ;)

We took a hike through the rice terraces where a group of H’mong women tagged along and helped lead the way through the terrain which was quiet difficult. Their hands never stopped moving, every time we stopped for a water break they pulled out their needlework. Their textile techniques include; cross stitching, weaving, indigo dyeing and batik. We love their vibrant textiles against the muddy green rice terrace landscape.

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