DIY: Pop’n Potato Prints

February 12th, 2013

Let’s get back to basics. Remember in kindergarten when you would make butterflies and heart prints out of a potato? Well, we have been putting the potato back in action! Click on this DIY to find out how you can use a potato to make some pretty sophisticated prints!

You’ll need:

- Potato

- Exacto knife or sharp knife

- textile paint

- fabric

- Scissors

- Iron



- Cut out desired shape of fabric. We used a sturdy off white canvas material. Iron Flat.

- Cut potato in half. Make sure you use a very sharp knife so you get a smooth flat side. Carve sides away to get desired shape. Use a paper towel to pat potato dry.

- Put a glob of fabric paint on a plate. Dip your potato in the paint and apply to fabric. Repeat! Make sure you put some sort of paper under your fabric because the paint seeps threw.

- We turned our fabric into pillows but there are limitless possibilities of things you can create!



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