DIY: Pillow Pets!

January 6th, 2013

Don’t you just wish you could own more pets? Landlord, roommates, parents, BF allergies, got you on lock down? Well now you can make up for it! These cuddle velvet pillows are sure to greet you with a smile every time :) No food or water necessary. Read the steps below on how to make a litter of your own!

Click below for steps and materials!

You will need: 

- Fabric Scissors

- 1 yard of velvet fabric ( for an extra soft pet )

- Sharpie

- Need & Thread

- Fluff

- Goggly eyes

- 11 x 17 Paper

STEP 1: With the sharpie, draw a shape on the 11 x 17 paper for a template

STEP 2: Cut out your shape from the paper and pin it to the fabric

STEP 3: Cut your shape out of the fabric, pin fabric together to keep fabric from shifting

Step 4: Sew the goggly eyes on one of the velvet pieces

Step 5: Turn fabric in facing each other and sew together , make sure to leave a large enough hole in order to turn fabric back out and stuff with fluff

Step 6: Turn out your fabric and start stuffing the fluffing

Step 7:  Sew up the hole you used for fluffing

Step 8: Treat with love :)




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