DIY: Rock ‘n Roar Dino Candles

March 21st, 2012

R.O.A.R in the U.S.A! We made this post especially as a contribution to WORLD PARTY DAY!
Even John Melloncamp would have to agree that these babies wear their colors proud :)
Our fun and bold dino candles will be sure to add a little flame to your roaring rager.
Cluster them on a table our scatter them around the party for a rock’n and roaring good time!

Read DIY steps after the jump!

You will need:
1. Hallow Plastic Dinosaur ( try your local dollar store )
2. Vibrant and colorful acrylic paint
3. Candle Sticks
4. X-acto knife

Step 1:  Use the X-acto blade or sharp knife to cut a tight square out of the dinosaur’s back. Make sure to cut the square slightly smaller than the base of the candle. This will hold the candle snug and up-right.

Step 2:  Paint your dinosaur something fierce.

Step 3:  Stuff your candle as far down inside the dinosaur as you can, for support.

Step 4:  Light a flame and let it roar!

4 Responses

  • Kit says:

    YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELVES! Absolutely LOVE these!!!!
    Thanks so much for being part of World Party Day.

  • tina says:

    omg, why havent i ever thought about doing these before! i have this crazy obsession with everything dinosaurs (i think i got it from the kid i babysit). now i know what we’ll be doing next time i see him. would spray paint work just as well as acrylic paints?? and was it hard to cut into the dinosaurs?


    • claire says:

      Hey Tina !! Thank you so much for your kind words! We are kinda obsessed with dinosaurs too!!
      Yes, I am sure you can use spray paint as easily as acrylic and cutting into the dinosaurs wasn’t too hard. Just start out small and wedge in the candle, so that it will stand upright :)

      Thank You!

  • When I was a kid I had few toys of Dino’s, your tutorial just inspired me to do make something like this. I try to make some Dino candles at my home . Thanks a lot old memories are good memories ever.
    If I need any help then I will come here to ask you some questions.

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