DIY: Love Struck Pencils

February 4th, 2012

We designed this special DIY for Martha Stewarts Craft Blog. We made these colored pencil arrows to share with any target your heart desires. So go ahead, get Love Struck!  Follow our steps and practice your aim, these guys are sure to be a hit ;)

You will need:

1. (x3) black and white turkey quills

2. Wooden pencils

3. Colored acrylic paint

4. Xacto blade

5. Super or hot glue

6. Paint brush

STEP 1: 
Paint a pattern of stripes on your colored pencil and let them dry.
STEP 2: 
Cut the feather down the spine, splitting it in two.
STEP 3: 
With one half of the feather, measure 2 inches down, cut and pull apart. The groves of the feather will automatically peel into shape.
STEP 4: 
Glue (x3) pieces of the cut feather to the top of the colored pencil.
STEP 5: 

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