DIY: the most delicate bracelet in the world

December 21st, 2011

These tiny, delicate little bracelets are our new favorite. The thin rope and teeny tiny little gold beads are what make this bracelet extra special. We love the simplicity and effortless look of them worn together or on their own.

You will need:

- a lobster claw clasp

- two clasp closures

- a flat charm

- a clasp connector

- the tinniest gold beads (we found ours at the Bead Center)

- thin polyester string (we found the thinnest stiffest string worked best)

- super glue

Step 1: string your beads (these delicate beads require patients.)

Step 2: after stinging your beads, measure your wrist to size. Trim the ends and close them with the gold closures. Add a dap of super glue and use pliers for a tight seal.

Step 3: Add your gold loop, lobster claw claps, and gold charm to one end. Use plier to fasten tight and DONE! strut your stuff ;)






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