DIY: tassle

November 8th, 2011

Wanna add a little cheer to your outfit? We think tassel necklaces will do just the trick! Not only are the colorful and cute,they are a snap to make! We made this special Holiday Tassel DIY Exclusively for FOAM MAGAZINE. Whip up a tassel and have a girls night out - or in ! Click below for the “how to steps, or snag a copy of this month’s FOAM!.

You will need:

- (3x) Bundles of embroidery thread
- (2x) 30″ long accent colors of thread
- Chain necklaces, we recommend around 28″ long
- 8″ long piece of cardboard
- Scissors
- Thick sewing needle

Step 1: Wrap your embroidery thread tighty around the cardboard. When you come close to finishing a bundle, tie on the next bundle to make one long continuous piece.  Make sure to tie your pieces of string at one of the ends of the cardboard not in the center.

Step 2: Gently pull off the embroidery thread from the cardboard and tie the center tight with a separate piece of 5″ long embroidery thread. This will keep the formation together while trimming the ends.

Step 3: Cut the loop ends, making the fringe of the tassel.

Step 4: Here comes the fun part. Pull down the fringe and shape your tassel!

Step 5: Start a 1/2″ from the top of your tassel and tie a knot with your two accent colors and get ready to wrap.

Step 6: Wrap your first color around the tassel 1/4″ down, then knot it firm. Next, wrap the second color string. When your done, knot both strings together and trim.

Step 7: Use your scissors to clean up any uneven strings making the fringe on the bottom clean and straight.

Step 8: Cut off the the thread from the top that was used to hold tassel in place. This will give the tassel a clean look on the chain.
Step 9: With a loose piece of embroidery thread, tie the sewing needle to the chain. Use the needle to help guide the chain through the top loop of the tassel.

Now throw on a party top and your tassel necklace for some festive fun!!!


Thanks Foam !!!



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