boy toy : antique toy museum

October 20th, 2011

We went to Maine and enjoyed the fall leaves, outdoors, and somehow found this place. Talk about luck! While taking a Sunday drive through the little town of Waldoboro Maine, we stumbled on Maine’s Antique Toy Museum. It is a two story house totally taken over by hundres and hundres of antique tin toys, original comic books, action figures, original sketches, cartoon art, and action heroes. Each room in the house has a theme. I especially loved the room dressed up to be an ideal dream boy’s room. It featured an old western film, a vintage Farrah Fawcett pillow, and tons of Godzilla, and Star Wars memorabilia. Even the ceiling was covered in comic books and classic posters. The space and the antiques were definitely interesting, but what made this place so special was the collector and “character” who put it together. John Fawcett, has been a collector and comic/cartoon enthusiast his whole life along with being an artist himself. I wish I had more time to chat with him as he has many opinions and stories about art and classic graphic design. If you are in the area, check it out!

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