Trippin: New Mexico

June 17th, 2013

This summer we ran away to sunny Santa Fe. Having New Mexican roots, my spirit was set free at the sight of the desert and the presence of magic in the air. As any best pal, I was super excited to show Kristin all of my favorite places. It’s been a tradition to eat at The Frontier Restaurant immediately upon arrival. I highly recommend their authentic New Mexican cheese enchilada’s served ” Christmas Style ” with both native red and green chili. After feasting up an a good meal, we head to Skip Maisels in Alberquruque for the most beautiful and original Native American Jewelry in all of New Mexico. Skip is a family friend and respected merchant within the Native American community and only carries a one of a kind selection.  All jeweled up in turquoise, we are ready to hit the historic plaza to admire the architecture and culture of the ancient city. Make sure to cruise on route 66 to check all the vintage neon signs and motels. Our trip ends with a long adventurous hike that over looks the city, followed by the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. A little part of us is still left in that desert and we are dying to run back.

trippin: Atlantic City

April 12th, 2013

Four girls ventured out from new york to discover Atlantic City! We started out in a bus line with a $30 round trip ticket from Penn Station. Three hours later we arrived on the board walk! After checking in, we cruised the chic and tasteful lounges Revel had to offer. It didn’t take long until we discovered how to play roulette and lost $80 bucks. Spirits still souring, we tried on our tinniest little black dresses and skirted down to Royal Jelly Burlesque club where we danced the night away to roll & rock and confident babes. When morning came, we craved for something meaty and hardy. We stumbled upon Atlantic City’s best kept secret Tony Boloney’s. One bite of his famous cheesesteak and we were hooked. We ended up taking three subs back with us in our bags back to NY. Long afternoon walks on the boardwalk followed by a Yolo shirt souvenir, kept the mood light and innocent. We have nothing but love and good vibes for Atlantic City and are still thinking about that cheesesteak!

We heart Puerto Rico!

February 21st, 2013

Surf’s up! I just took a quick surfing trip to Rincón, Puerto Rico with our friend Rebecca Willa Davis. Rincón is a laid back surfer town on the west coast of the island. Later on we drove down South and explored part’s of the Guánica Dry Forest. There we loaded up on armfuls of air plants for friends back home!

We heart Thailand!

January 5th, 2013

It’s been awhile since our trip to Thailand and  we are really missing it! We went through hundreds of pictures and widdled them down to some of our favorite memories to share. Our absolute favorite experience while in Thailand was sleeping on Maya Beach of the secluded Island Lay Phi Phi Don. You may recognize it from the movie The Beach! The two of us ventured out with a small group to the island where we explored the sea life, sang songs around a camp fire, met other fellow travelers and slept in sleeping bags under the stars. We highly recommend this experience for anyone traveling to the islands of Thailand! Don’t miss it!!

When we weren’t traveling the southern islands, we were thrifting at flea markets. The Chatauchak Market in Bangkok is one of the largest weekend flea markets in the world. You can find everything there from faux LV bags, textiles, dishware and miniature pet bunnies! We wanted to take one home so bad…

We visited many temples but  The Grand Palace took our breath away. We were really inspired by all the textures and variety of materials in all the mosaics.

We heart Laos!

November 26th, 2012

This week we wanted to share some of our favorite memories from our trip to Laos during our month long journey traveling South East Asia. Laos is by far one of the most special places we have ever visited. We absolutely loved the city of Laung Prabang and often talk about how we could easily see ourselves living there. The city is extremely passionate and respectful towards the rituals and traditions of the Monks and the hundreds of temples. One of our favorite sitings was The Walk of Monks or Tak Bat. Hundreds of Monks of all ages walk through the town at 5:30 AM, collecting food from locals along the way to their temples of worship.

We also attended the night market many of times and hauled home handmade textiles and yummy cheap treats. During the day we rented motor bikes and road through the country side. There we swam and hiked breath taking waterfalls, followed by a martini at Icon Klub that we still crave!


We heart Cambodia !

October 23rd, 2012

Annnnnnd we’re back! We just recently returned from a month long journey backpacking South East Asia. Our excursion consisted of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Each country touched a special spot in our hearts and we look forward to sharing our favorite memories during our trip. This week, we are sharing our adventures in beloved Cambodia!

We stayed at the Golden Banana bed and breakfast in Siem Reap and rode the neighbor’s bicycles into Angkorwat where we explored the ancient ruins. Fascinated by the scale of the architecture, the jungle and overrun trees, we found ourselves exploring for days. The colors, surprises and people living and worshiping in the temples inspired us with their bold passion. We can truly say that Cambodia changed our little lives and took our breath away. We miss it already and yearn for the day to visit once more.

trippin: Barcelona

January 4th, 2012

This year for Christmas, my boyfriend and I decided to skip the gifts and traditions and head to Barcelona for a simple and sweet christmas the Catalan way :)  We explored the city in the most beautiful weather, and ate tapas after tapas. The highlights of our trip were by far the Gaudi architecture scattered throughout the city. My personal favorite of his is the Casa Batillo. I love how the exterior is molded in a skeletal form and the upside down heart noses for the skull like balconies. After a long day of roaming around, we would stop for a local beer ( Estrella! ) it’s one of the best beers I have ever had. Light and crisp. But be sure to have it with spanish olives!!  I wish I could find that combo here in New York… Our favorite areas for vintage clothes shopping, art, and bookstores was for sure El Ravel. It was kinda the more hipster/alt scene. Also, where the MACBA and CCCB are conveniently located. Some of our favorite places for tapas in the city are: Tapas 24 ( get the ruso salad and crochets! ) , Safra 18′ ( get the black squid ink paella ) and make sure to get the Christmas Chicken at Origens!  Also, don’t forget to check out the store Vincon for really great home and office design products.


Last year at this time I was in Ha Long Bay Vietnam, visiting some of the coolest caves I’d ever laid eyes on! Just stumbled across the pic’s and thought I’d share with you :)

trippin: Burning Man!

October 1st, 2011

Burning Man was one of the most inspirational experiences we have ever had. We look forward to returning every year. Here are some of the many great works of art we enjoyed on the playa. It looked like we were on a different planet! and we were!


trippin: Reno!

September 29th, 2011

On our wild adventurous road trip to Burning Man we made a little pit stop in Reno. Did a little gambling, drank a festive pina coloda, and toured the downtown area. We really loved the vintage charm of the wedding chapel signs and the classic retro western motels. We also couldn’t help but to pose in front of this classic white GMC Superior Limo. Gangsta!