We just blew up the set deign for Micah Cohen’s SHADES of GREY AW 2013 presentation. This line has the perfect mix of classic cuts, color blocking and retro athletic flair. We designed twenty grey triangular platforms throughout the space, creating a minimal geometric environment that highlights the line.

This week we blew up the set deign for SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection.  After being asked to design Micah’s presentation and viewing his new collection, we were jumping with excitement to be a part of it all. Inspired by the colors and acid surf vibes of the collection, we created a minimal, graphic and surreal environment.

We painted 9′ tall palm trees of various shapes and species jet back and placed them amongst the turquoise backdrop, bar and lounge area. The models stood on red platforms in staggered formations with red sand oozing from underneath. The red sand served as a seamless transition from the platforms to the turquoise backdrop giving texture and a bit of surprise!

The band HITS rocked out during the presentation with our oversized canvas backdrop to match our favorite black and white pattern from the collection ( model to match ;)

Cowabunga! and now we are ready to wipe outttt!

OMG have we been busy. This past week we tackled the set design for Original Penguin’s women’s launch! We feel so lucky to have been apart of this amazing event and all the talented people who worked on the project. We made life sized cut outs that a typical ” Penguin Girl ” would collect or encounter in her world. To pop it off, we covered all the walls, backdrops, and windows in the traditional black and white poka dots inspired by one of the sweaters from the collection. Click on our portfolio site for more info and see more pictures after the jump!

Holiday Sheer

November 28th, 2011

Feelin very stoked and honored to have worked with the team at Barneys in bringing this unique concept together; transforming the space into the ultimate pop up shop with amazing influential artists :)

Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, and the fabulous AVAF, teamed up with Barneys to bring New York the gift of Gaga. The entire men’s 5th floor was transformed by a complete custom design, equipped with full installations and works of art by AVAF, inspired by the childhood dreams of little Gaga herself. My favorite piece in the space is by far the Gaga spider ( with a mop for a head of hair ). You will also find a lollipop train, large claws with exotic finger nails, a candy shop, a pop up bookcase, and of course the iconic centerpiece.


slim aarons pools

November 5th, 2011

They really don’t make pools like they used to! Check out some of our favorite Slim Aarons poolside shots.

(images via Photographers Gallery)

It was so amazing to have the opportunity to work with Barney’s visual team in the design and production of this successful event. Barneys hosted Christian Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary with a  book signing party. The 4th floor was completely transformed over night with the simplicity of rich jeweled curtains, mirrors, and magnifying glasses. We had custom velvet curtains made to create and divide separate areas for exhibition, lounging, cocktails and mingling. The peep box exhibition was my favorite part. With custom shadow boxes shaped to resemble the book’s exterior, one can peep through the magnifying glass and see abstractions of the interior pages. Each box was a look into a chapter of Christian’s book. A mirrored bar, and cocktail tables where to compliment the the use of metal studs and glamor in Christian’s work. The space had a lot of sole ;)


riding around with LV

October 27th, 2011

Have you seen Louis Vuitton’s S/S 2012 show!

boy toy : antique toy museum

October 20th, 2011

We went to Maine and enjoyed the fall leaves, outdoors, and somehow found this place. Talk about luck! While taking a Sunday drive through the little town of Waldoboro Maine, we stumbled on Maine’s Antique Toy Museum. It is a two story house totally taken over by hundres and hundres of antique tin toys, original comic books, action figures, original sketches, cartoon art, and action heroes. Each room in the house has a theme. I especially loved the room dressed up to be an ideal dream boy’s room. It featured an old western film, a vintage Farrah Fawcett pillow, and tons of Godzilla, and Star Wars memorabilia. Even the ceiling was covered in comic books and classic posters. The space and the antiques were definitely interesting, but what made this place so special was the collector and “character” who put it together. John Fawcett, has been a collector and comic/cartoon enthusiast his whole life along with being an artist himself. I wish I had more time to chat with him as he has many opinions and stories about art and classic graphic design. If you are in the area, check it out!

space: economy candy

October 8th, 2011

Can honey get some candy in this economy?!? We took a little bike ride to the best place to fulfill all our candy fantasies. Economy Candy, is the one and only jump off in the lower east side to score some of your old school favorites.

under the sea with chanel

October 5th, 2011

Were obsessed with Chanel’s Spring 2012 ready-to-wear runway set!

(images via style.com & nymag)